Get Ahead By Venturing Overseas | Kerry Consulting

    Kerry Consulting’s general manager, Pan Zaixian, has been interviewed by Asiaone to share his views on the value of foreign work experience acquired by nowadays’ professionals.

    Candidates with international experience are more adaptable to a new work environment, likely to communicate effectively and possess more exposure to varied business cultures. Foreign working experience is likely to enrich their professional life and make them a more valuable asset to the employer.

    Kerry Consulting general manager Pan Zaixian told The Straits Times that employees with school-going children tend to be worried about their education and are more reluctant to relocate.

    Women may also be less open to going to places seen as unsafe.

    “Singaporeans generally tend to prefer their creature comforts and shun the more emerging markets or where language is a big barrier,” he added.

    Risks exist but perks await those who take the plunge.

    Employees willing to go overseas can often get attractive expatriate pay packages that would include significant accommodation and transportation allowances.

    This brings with it new problems when overseas Singaporeans decide to move back home.

    According to Pan, “The pay expectation of the returnees can sometimes be quite inflated, especially when they are on expatriate terms overseas”.

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