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    How to keep yourself in demand

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    In this fast-paced age of digital disruption, it pays to brush up on your skills as a finance professional in order to remain relevant and stand out from the pack.

    Declan O’Sullivan, CEO of recruiting group Kerry Consulting, says these days, employers and recruiters are looking for people with “in demand” experience, such as exposure to “change”, “reengineering” and “disruptive” organisations. It doesn’t matter where the exposure was accrued, as long as it’s transferable.

    To stand out, O’Sullivan says you need to become more digitally aware in your own function and in how you can speed data flows and cut costs. “You should also be aware of industry trends and trends in comparable industries. And, you should have an informed opinion.”

    While the basics of finance won’t change, he says: “It’s very important to move from simply being a ‘finance’ person to being a ‘business’ person who happens to have a deep knowledge of finance.

    “In 2019, being a ‘business’ person, seeing the organisation holistically, including its threats and opportunities, clearly necessitates having an evolving digital perspective.”

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