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    HR Briefing: Empowering SG’s ageing workforce in a tech-driven world

    Patricia Teo

    Those over 60 years old are more willing to retrain compared to other age groups.

    Likewise, Kerry Consulting’s Director, Technology Practice Patricia Teo said that automation will likely replace repetitive and manual jobs. For instance, call centres might include more chatbots that have been developed to be more intuitive with artificial intelligence.

    Amidst the digital transformation, Teo said the management and the human resource department should work in determining how job roles will change and identify the talent needed in the next five to 10 years.

    “Without a clear understanding of the expected skillsets, it will be difficult to plan curriculum or training tools to meaningfully enable the ageing workforce,” Teo told Singapore Business Review.

    She added an openness in communication is vital as it allows the company to acknowledge the new skillset require and put it on a proactive stance in preparing its employees.

    Teo said C-level employees may even set an example by attending training and show some of their “vulnerability” in their own skillset, or cite successful employees who have undergone training to upgrade their skillset

    For older workers, she suggested employers may provide program that features online and offline training. A buddy system may also be considered to allow workers to have “emotional and mental support.”


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