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    We are seeking a passionate and dedicated Counsellor to join a leading educational institution with a vibrant and supportive culture. They are based in a central location and have been recognized as one of the best employers, valuing the well-being and growth of both students and staff.


    As a key member of the team, you will provide professional counselling and consultation to students, supporting their mental health and overall well-being. You will provide professional counselling, conduct group sessions on mental health issues, and collaborate with stakeholders to promote awareness. You will also handle critical incidents and contribute to mental health campaigns and workshops. Your role will help foster a culture of well-being within our institution.


    To excel in this role, you need a minimum of 4 years of counselling or mental health experience and registration with a recognized association. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential, along with an understanding of student mental health challenges. Crisis intervention knowledge and confidentiality management are crucial. You would need to be registered with Singapore Association for Counselling.

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