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    Executive Search

    Finding Quality Talent to
    Power Organisational Growth

    Executive Search

    Finding Quality Talent to Power Organisational Growth

    Kerry Consulting’s Executive Search team distinguishes itself as one of the largest, most resilient, and well-equipped teams in the Asia-Pacific region. With our dedicated consultants and an extensive candidate network, we are excellently positioned to support our clients in sourcing quality talent for their senior management roles.

    What sets us apart is our team’s unparalleled experience. This directly translates into many tangible advantages:

    • We possess superior search skills, enabling us to conduct thorough and effective candidate searches.
    • Our team possesses in-depth industry and domain expertise.
    • We have built extensive networks affording us wide reach and allowing us to tap into a wide pool of qualified candidates.

    To further strengthen our reach, we have invested significantly in our in-house research team, which is the one of the largest in the region. We have also made substantial efforts to enhance our digital presence. These factors combined enable us to provide exceptional value at every stage of the search cycle, including briefing, sourcing, assessment, and offer management.

    While we are often engaged to fulfill leadership staffing needs in wider Asia-Pacific, our true specialisation lies in Asia itself. As a Singaporean firm, Kerry Consulting has an exceptional understanding and commitment to the region. Due to rapid economic development, there continues to be a significant shortage of talent in Asia. Our consistent delivery of significant benefits to our clients stems from a strong focus on this talent population.

    Kerry Consulting’s Executive Search team is amongst the largest, most stable and best resourced, in the region.

    We are very well placed to help our clients find talented, impactful professionals, to fill their senior management ranks.

    Our team is also the most experienced in the region.  This experience translates into:

    1. Superior actual “Search” skills

    2. Deeper Industry and Domain knowledge

    3. Broader networks and reach

    This “reach” is greatly enhanced by having the largest in-house research team in the region, combined with a very significant investment in our “online” presence.

    The net result is that we can and do add a lot of value at all four stages of the search cycle, being:

    • Briefing
    • Sourcing
    • Assessment
    • Offer Management

    Kerry is an Asian firm with exceptionally deep knowledge of and commitment to, the region.  Due to its rapid economic development, Asia still suffers from significant shortages of executive talent.  Kerry’s focus on this talent population can and does pay huge dividends for its clients.

    Reach out today to learn more about our Executive Search services.